OT Radar ticket in PA goodie found

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> > Therefore, if you get a speeding ticket, keep your mouth shut! And, dont
> > make any changes to your insurance policy for the next 3 years . .after
> > which your DOT sins are expunged . . and you are free to sin again..
> >
> IIRC, my agent told me that there are 'random' audits of DOT driving
> records, so you are not 100% free and clear is you lie to them and/or
> have no reason to tell them about your driving record.   It is in
> their best interest to do some double checking of your driving
> records.
**** Doing "anything" costs money for a business. The insurance companies
may do some audits when its required for accounting purposes and/or the law.
Keep in mind that insurance companies have statistitians on staff. They got
this statistics and probability thing down pat. They do this "maximize gain
and minimize work" stuff all day long.

Drivers with speeding ticket points most likely have other issues . .like
young age, drunk driving, accidents, etc. I'm sure they have flags to spot
these items and this is where the audits are concentrated.
Drivers like myself, with no accidents for 25 years and no speeding tickets,
who have paid insurance premiums religiously to the same insurance company
for 35 years . . .. well . .. we just arent on the insurance companies
"audit list".

Oh, and I never said "lie to them" . .if you are asked, tell the truth. But,
dont volunteer any information.
I said to keep one's mouth shut. You know, kinda like accidently on purpose.
And watch those insurance agents! They are kin to used auto salesmen.

85 Dodge PU, D-250, 318, auto
85 Audi 4k - - sold but still on the road
88 Audi 5kq
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