Timing belt ?

Alex Kowalski hypereutectic1 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 18 13:45:34 EDT 2006

Last night I had a dream....

A dream of an Otto-cycle five-cylinder gasoline piston OHC engine that could
run without a timing belt.  This dream kept me fascinated for many hours in
a quasi-senescent state of pseudo-lucidity.  Because in that dream, I was
dreaming of camshafts and valve timing once the camshaft had stopped but the
rest of the reciprocating mass of the engine kept going, and the plugs kept
firing, and the injectors kept spraying.

And there were storms!  Storms of burning fuel blasting out of partially
closed intake and exhaust valves, fighting the reciprocating inertia on the
one hand and trading back and forth huge, swirling clouds of
partially-combusted gasoline.  Some of the valves were closed and because
the rings were worn out on those cylinders, the pumping losses were
negligible and so the engine kept running, although the fuel leaked over
from one cylinder to the next, causing even more amazing conflagrations deep
within the intake manifold.

Thank you for making it stop, this dream, this hideous nightmare.  Please.
Make it stop.

Alex Kowalski
'86 5KCSTQ
'87 5KCSTQ

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