4kq suspension parts

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Fri Aug 18 18:55:57 EDT 2006

late reply here...

Nathan Ray wrote:

> I'm currently looking into doing some suspension work on my 86' 4kq and have 
> come across a few things I need to clarify;
> 1. www.autohausaz.com has better tie rod prices than blau however they show 
> that pre 4/86 use a different front right tie rod than cars built after 
> 4/86.  Isn't all that stuff the same for 85', 86', and 87'?

I thought so, yes.

> 2.  Can front strut mounts be used in the back?

Basically, yes.

> 3.  Does anyone have any experience with Blau "improved" front strut mounts 
> for the 4kq, are they actually better?

There used to be three different ones out there - colored coded with 
some spray paint.  Not sure if one was the rear or not.

Turns out the UrQ version, which is blue, is a bit shorter, making for a 
slight lowering.  They also picked up an anecdotal reputaiton for 
lasting longer.  I have four of them on my 90Q.  ironically, for a 
low-run car part, they seem to be the easiest to get nowadays.

I think longevity also has a lot to do with careful installation, but 
they are working very hard, changing position to deal with tire motion 
(up, down, steering), and supporting the entire weight of the corner of 
the car while doing it.

Huw Powell



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