Timing belt ?

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Another solution for the non-rotating crank pulley.  Was the engine in question viewed at night under a light source that was most likely 60Hz.  The rotation speed of the crank pulley could have been in sync with the 60Hz. giving the appearance of no rotation?  If he was using a flashlight this theory falls apart.  


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  > I dont believe so. I believe it is gear driven off the crankshaft. It 
  > goes into the block, nto the head.

  Actually, it runs off the cam.  It goes into the head.  On the I-5, anyway.

  You could run the dizzy off the crankshaft, but then there'd be a wasted 
  spark at TDC on the exhaust stroke.  And coil charging time would be 

  >>> I bit of theory here . .is the distributor driven off the camshaft 
  >>> also? If yes, how are you getting spark to any cylinder?

  >> Yes it is, although with the 5kt cars, once they start, spark is timed
  >> by a crank position sensor, for added precision.

  Huw Powell


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