B6 A4 Sport wheels don't fit a 5ktq...

Mark J. Besso mbspeed at maxboostracing.com
Sat Aug 19 03:44:11 EDT 2006


What is the rim size and offset for those wheels?

I tried a set of '06 A6 wheels on my 5KTQA and they cleared fine.  Those
wheels are 17x7.5" with a 45mm offset.

Couldn't you sell the OEM tires and get a set of 225/45/17's with the


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From: John Cody Forbes
Subject: B6 A4 Sport wheels don't fit a 5ktq...

At least not with the OEM tires. After sitting on them for a year or so I
decided to try out my set of A4 sport package wheels and found that the curb
guard of the tire rubs the strut on the tire-rod arm very minorly. I tried
taking just a milimeter maybe two off of the seam that the tire hits and it
gets even closer to fitting, but no cigar. I'm thinking pretty much all
type44 cars would have the same issue, so I just wanted to let you guys know
that they don't fit without smaller tires and/or a spacer. A 10mm spacer
would do the trick plus room to spare. I've read that with 225mm tires they
fit, but with the stock 235's they don't.

 I set them on the car and lowered it to the ground to see how they look and
didn't like the look anyways, so I've decided to get rid of them I guess.
Check the marketplace if you are interested (they have only PDI miles on
them, like new)

I guess now I'm going to have to start saving for some Compomotive MO-R's
http://www.usacomp.com/mor.htm with specified offset ;-). I can almost buy 2
of them for what the A4 wheels are worth!

-Cody Forbes
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