B6 A4 Sport wheels don't fit a 5ktq...

John Cody Forbes cody at 5000tq.com
Sat Aug 19 17:33:24 EDT 2006

> Cody-
> The 7.5" wide BBS from a V8 or 200q20v will not fit your 5ktq in the
> rear 
> w/o flaring the fenders- offset is ET35 and 0.5" wider on top of that.
> Have you considered contacting that guy Paul in Luxembourg? He had
> sourced 
> some Chinese Audi rear quarters for pretty cheap a while ago- then
> you might 
> as well put flared fenders front and rear on your car and run wider
> rubber w/o any 
> issues.

Since my car is in dire need of a paint job anyways I have been considering making myself some flares. I'm good with composites from the race team days (made my own 914 hoods, trunks, roofs etc), and I've been thinking of making somewhat of a BMW E30 M3 (http://www.bmworg.ru/img/cars/e30_006.jpg) or urQ style flare. I would just graft in FG in the rear, but up front I'd make the entire panel to get some weight off. Arround the same time I'd be making a louvered hood too to vent the rad and area near the turbo, like a Sport Quattro without the inlets. Thats down the road though.

> If you want a lot of clearance, find a wrecked V8 or 200q20v, get the
> strut uprights, 
> hubs, control arms and swaybars and all assoc. hardware and put that
> in the front 
> end- you'll gain even more clearance, have the ability to bolt-on RS2
> brackets and run 
> big brakes w/o issues and be able to use preexisting kits made for
> the UrS, incl. 
> 2-piece rotors and the like.

I happen to know a guy who owns a junkyard for P-cars and VAG. Would I need the subframe too? Tie rods? Pre-existing kits are fortunately not a big deal for me though because I have the know-how and access to enough equipment to pretty much make whatever I need. Now I just need to find some money for the raw materials and I'd be in like flint... somebody buy my wheels please ha!

> Your choices in tires in a 15" size severely limit the utility of
> running 15s, even though 
> they look really nice on a type 44. Isn't your 5ktq seriously
> powerful, north of 300hp? 
> I'd be concerned about braking ability as well.
> Taka

Current estimates are north of 500hp actually, but none of that is confirmed. I am concerned with the brakes, which is one of the reasons I bought the 17"ers. I know a guy who makes brakes for stock car racing and has recently given my father some calipers and rotors to run on our race cars because he wants to get into road racing and is using my father as a test mule. I hadn't asked but I know I could get whatever I wanted to cheap if not for free.

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