Timing belt ?

John Cody Forbes cody at 5000tq.com
Sat Aug 19 18:42:20 EDT 2006

Joshua van Tol wrote:
> Actually, I doubt you'd hear it. The valves are pretty small, and the
> combustion chamber is surrounded by lots of metal.
> I've never heard reports of hearing the valves bend, and I've
> repaired a lot of cars with bent valves. However, maybe someone who
> actually has had it happen will chime in? Was there a noise or not?
> The typical description I've heard is that the car just looses power.

Oh yeah, I heard it. When I bought my black 5ktq about 300miles into 
owership the crank pulley bolt fell out and it bent all 10 valves 
(http://jcforbes.com/jcfpics/11-20-03/P1010001). I heard it, and it sounded 
alot like detonation honestly. Was cruising down the highway @ 70mph in 5th 
when it happened. Heard the noise, then lost all power and lost all engine 
breaking since there was no compression in any cylinder.

-Cody Forbes
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