interesting boost issue on my 200TQA

tmb the_questionist at
Sat Aug 19 19:59:51 EDT 2006

too funny.  i called a local shop a few days ago
about them.  the stupid things are $236 for the
undercut items, and $185 for the regular ones.

just took a look on, and they've
got em listed for $95 for the kit.  i'm not
complaining.  that price is totally worth not
having to change the head gasket once a month.

thanks for the heads up!


> From my experiance, and Jim Green's if hes
> still reading here, you will 
> continue to blow head gaskets with the boost
> turned up until you buy some 
> ARP head studs. With that much combustion
> pressure being produced the stock 
> bolts will stretch and your head gasket will
> die quickly. BTDT. The ARP 
> studs are cheap too, I got mine for something
> like $80. Summit Racing had 
> them last I checked.

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