10V harmonic balancer removal questions

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Sat Aug 19 20:18:03 EDT 2006

> 258ft-lb??  my stupid torque wrench only goes up
> to 250!!

And that's before the torque multiplier.  It's more like 350 or so at 
the bolt.

> i see that the ultra specialized tools are priced
> ever so slightly out of my price range.  
> does anyone have any other ideas for how i can
> hold the crank in place while i somehow get a
> 27mm socket in there to loosen/tighten the bolt? 

There is a tool... many listers own one, that locks the HB in place. 
use an impact socket for the strength, a short extension, and 4-6 feet 
of pipe on a sturdy breaker bar (to remove and to replace).

Post with your location and request to borrow a 2084 crank locking tool 
and maybe someone nearby has one.

One is pictured in the first image here:


just below the multimeter, barely to the left of the red bit of hose.

People have also made their own from scrap steel - the trick is that 
there is a bump inside the depression in the center of the HB that is 
taken advantage of to hold the tool.  The snubber "front engine mount" 
bracket is the thing that stops it from turning.

Huw Powell



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