1991 100 auto won't crank

Jeff & Darla Wolf jeffwolf at dtccom.net
Sun Aug 20 21:44:03 EDT 2006

History. Made an hard stop then stopped car. Car hasn't started since. It
will not crank. No Voltage to 50 on the solenoid. Bentley says that there is
relay #9 but my cars doesn't use relay 9. Anyone have any additional
troubleshooting tips?

I thought it might be the gear selector switch on the passenger side of the
gear shifter but mine just has 2 contacts. which appear to be normally
closed in 1 thru reverse and open in Drive. (at which point the buzzer
buzzes with the door open.

The gearshift indicator on the dash switches from N to D as soon as the
iginition is turned on. It won't go into P or R or N. What sends this info?
Is there another switch on the transmission that I am missing. Have I just
missed it in Bentley?

Any help is appreciated.


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