ARP Studs

Al Streicher streichea001 at
Mon Aug 21 13:08:47 EDT 2006

The easiest is to go to, do a search for "Arp Studs".
Here is the result;

The above is the result for continuing the search for Audi. Three kits will
be shown.

Al Streicher
Mililani, HI

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What is the part number or means of identifying the kit Summit has?


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too funny.  i called a local shop a few days ago about them.  the stupid
things are $236 for the

undercut items, and $185 for the regular ones.

just took a look on, and they've got em listed for $95 for
the kit.  i'm not

complaining.  that price is totally worth not having to change the head
once a month.

thanks for the heads up!



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