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cobram at cobram at
Mon Aug 21 20:29:47 EDT 2006

You've just figured out a very cheap way to test EMC (ElectroMagnetic
Compatibility) of an automobile.  Keep quiet though, there's a whole
bunch of people that make a living selling the specialized equipment
"necessary" for these tests.  ;-)

I think the Alfa could be classified as a "SOB" -no, not that one, but
"Short Of Burnout" on the EMC scale.

Health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die.

mike <mikemk40 at> writes:

> A strange SO goes to Stansted airport to
> collect the offspring, when they get back to the car
> it’s a non starter.
> It turns over fine (as far as I can tell listening to
> it via mobile phone) but refuses to start. Call the
> recovery lorry, driver says “we get lots of these,
> it’s the radar, I’ll tow you down the road and it will
> be fine”
> He does and it is!!!! Nothing was touched, he just
> moved it maybe 2 miles yards and it started.
> Car is an 1999 Alfa 145 twin spark which is a paragon
> of reliability (apart from tonight)
> Anyone else ever heard of this?
> MAC....normally i collect him in the S4

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