Blower motor - brush replacement

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> At 02:15 PM 8/22/2006 -0400, Dave C wrote:
> >I'm wondering about the motor bearings also being worn out and maybe
> >brush replacement isn't enough?  Anyone done bearing R&R?
> Two of the blower motors I've extracted had been screeching as well as
> operating intermittently, and the Bosh repair shop I've taken starters and
> alternators to for years told me the bearings/bushings would be
> but the shafts were so worn that it wouldn't be worth to effort/cost.
**** Yeppers. I think by "shaft" you mean the commutator. There wouldnt be
much left after they cut the copper to make it clean.
I think I got my replacement motor at cost + 10%, so I opted for a new motor
. . .which is sitting happily in a box on the shelf.

Still, it would be an interesting project if I could find new brushes.

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