Jiffylube caught not doing billed maintenance

Nathan Ray skimaster77 at msn.com
Wed Aug 23 15:42:42 EDT 2006

getting back to juffylube... My dad has always taken his Isuzu Trooper there 
for oil changes despite my offering to do them for him.  They've messed up 
his car on at least two seperate occasions, first time they didn't bother to 
screw the oil filter on more than a couple threads so is was spraying oil 
out everywhere, lost 4 of 6 quarts in 1 1/2 days of driving around town.  
The second time they checked his rear-diff fluid w/o asking and forgot to 
tighten the filler plug, it ended up falling out.  My sister will also 
occasionally take her Honda Accord there for sevice when I don't have time, 
They told her that she needed a new radiator cap after I had replaced it 
only a couple months earlier, when I looked at it it was obvious that the 
a** hole broke it on purpose.  If you ask me those guys are a bunck of 
retards and I wouldn't trust them with a car I paid $50 for.

86' 4kq
85' 4kq

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