urQ/Coupe inner door seals : a substitute is found...

Louis-Alain Richard laraa at sympatico.ca
Thu Aug 24 14:57:56 EDT 2006

What to do when Audi wants 152$ for a simple urQ/Coupe door seal (857
831 721) ? 

Shop elsewhere...

In this case, a Golf MkII 2 door was the donor. The profile isn't
exactly the same but they fit quite nicely. They are even a bit longer,
by about 6".
Part number is 191 867 365C, for all Golf/Jetta 1985-1992 2 doors. 
Price for new is expensive, 130$ each, but scrapyard gems are available
for 10$/pair... 

BTW, all is not dark at Audi, since I found urQ "blue" upper strut
mounts for 44$ each... If they are the real thing, this is cheap. Don't
rush though, since there is only 5 in the country (Canada), and I
ordered 4 of them :-).

1983 Quattro

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