head gasket failure - 2 more questions

tmb the_questionist at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 24 21:46:41 EDT 2006

thanks, john.  i'm bringing the head in to be
re-decked tomorrow.  a buddy of mine should be
hooking me up with a de-glazer for honing the
cylinder wall.

2 more questions for you all:

1. i will be getting the ARP studs eventually,
but right now i'm stuck with the stock bolts. 
i'm pretty sure that the answer is yes, but i'll
ask anyways: once the motor is together, can i
pull one stock headbolt at a time, and replace
each one with an ARP stud and nut?

2. is there a quick and easy way of installing
the exhaust manifold on the car???  i had to
leave the turbo, the exhaust manifold, the
wastegate, and the downpipe on the head just to
get it out.  i'm sure i've done some damage to
myself, and i really fear putting it all back in
as one unit.  the whole reason i had to pull it
all out is because the head surface was marred
during installation.  i DO NOT want to have to do
this again anytime soon.



> Its got to be slight surface rust, so a hone
> should do the trick!

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