4000Q questions

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Mass=2824 according to AudiWorld(1987):


   I love the idea of this project; the car is a blast and another 50-150hp 
would really turn it into an amazing all-weather q-ship.

I had a link to Ben Swann's motor swap page but it's dead now.  Anyone?

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>Subject: 4000Q questions
>Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2006 18:55:18 -0700 (PDT)
>yeah, i know, i never seem to stop asking
>alright, i love my 200TQA to death, but when i
>felt the car lurch forward with all 4 wheels
>spinning, the first thing that came to my mind
>was "how can i get this drivetrain in something
>a buddy of mine had an 86 4000Q with a 10VT in
>it, and it was a pretty wicked little performer.
>light, nimble, durty, and totally unexpected.
>insurance companies love them, cops don't notice
>them, and young lads in noisy hondas don't know
>how to make heads or tails of them.
>1. how much do the 4KQs weigh?  as i understand
>it, my 200TQA is a fairly hefty 3500lbs.
>2. will the 200TQA gearbox bolt in to the 4KQ?
>or is it even necessary?  the strength of the
>gearbox in the 200 is legendary, so that's why
>i'm asking.  if the 4KQs gearbox is made of
>putty, i don't want it.
>3. is the swap of the 10VT into the 4KQ
>straightforward?  (picture putting a 16V engine
>into a rabbit.  it's pretty much a direct bolt
>ok, that should do for tonight.  thanks again to
>all for your patience, and any answers you can
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