head gasket failure - 2 more questions

John S. Lagnese jlagnese at massed.net
Thu Aug 24 22:38:31 EDT 2006

True, it was just a bit of musing.
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  Why risk it?  Seems pointless...  Just get the studs now IMO.


  John S. Lagnese wrote: 
    I would be more inclined to think that a warped head may occur from the uneven stress of removing one head bolt at a time. If the car hasn't been started with the new head gasket it won't have melted and so unlikely to fail.
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      Sorry J,

      A explanation may be necessary.  No, you can not replace one head bolt at a time.  Well, you can do it but expect the strong chance of a blown head gasket.  Who knows, it may work but heads are torqued a specific and careful way.  To leave the head torqued down and relieve the pressure at one location would surely (don't call me Shirley...) increase the likely hood of blown head gasket #2.

      Did you torque your head down per the specs the first time?  In steps, in order?

      Gotta get the studs now my friend.  I'll return the money I owe you as I have not had a bomb to send you yet and use it to get the studs.  Hell, maybe I can get the studs here cheaper and send'em to ya.

      We're here to help bro'

      Dave Kase
      low on bombs...

      tmb wrote: 
thanks, john.  i'm bringing the head in to be
re-decked tomorrow.  a buddy of mine should be
hooking me up with a de-glazer for honing the
cylinder wall.

2 more questions for you all:

1. i will be getting the ARP studs eventually,
but right now i'm stuck with the stock bolts. 
i'm pretty sure that the answer is yes, but i'll
ask anyways: once the motor is together, can i
pull one stock headbolt at a time, and replace
each one with an ARP stud and nut?

2. is there a quick and easy way of installing
the exhaust manifold on the car???  i had to
leave the turbo, the exhaust manifold, the
wastegate, and the downpipe on the head just to
get it out.  i'm sure i've done some damage to
myself, and i really fear putting it all back in
as one unit.  the whole reason i had to pull it
all out is because the head surface was marred
during installation.  i DO NOT want to have to do
this again anytime soon.



  Its got to be slight surface rust, so a hone
should do the trick!
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