Flywheel Bolts: Shouldered vs. Non-shouldered??

L DC ldc007usa at
Fri Aug 25 09:31:24 EDT 2006

I'm doing a clutch job on an '85 VW QSW (same
engine/drive train as in the 4KQ).

The Bentley manual gives 2 different torque specs for
the flywheel bolts, base on either: "bolts WITH a
shoulder" vs. "bolts WITHOUT shoulder."

Now, the hex bolts I took off have a washer
incorporated on the head as one solid piece. Bolt
looks like a hexagonal little hat, to visualize.

So, is safe to assume they are bolts with a shoulder,

If so, the torque is 25 NM higher (shouldered) than
the non-shouldered version, if memory serves me well.

Thanks in advance.


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