urQ/Coupe inner door seals : a substitute is found...

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Subject: urQ/Coupe inner door seals : a substitute is found...

What to do when Audi wants 152$ for a simple urQ/Coupe door seal (857
831 721) ? 

Shop elsewhere...

In this case, a Golf MkII 2 door was the donor. The profile isn't
exactly the same but they fit quite nicely. They are even a bit longer,
by about 6".
Part number is 191 867 365C, for all Golf/Jetta 1985-1992 2 doors. 
Price for new is expensive, 130$ each, but scrapyard gems are available
for 10$/pair... 


1983 Quattro

You could shop at worldimpex.com and get the part for $111US and pay less for the correct part than for the VW substitute.

Note that these seals are very flexible.  This means that you can rotate the seal position in the door so that the crummy part is up by the front fender.

Also, you can cut out bad sections and replace with good sections cut from door seals from the scrapyard.  I use NEW Xacto or utility knife blades and hit with a hammer to cut through the metal.  If you use a new blade for each cut, you will get excellent results.  Insert a 2 inch long piece of hose in the ends of the hollow portion of the seal to join them.  That way, the ends don't collapse, wear away, and end up looking crummy.

I did this on my 4kq, and the door seals look new.


Jan Pinkowish

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