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Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Fri Aug 25 18:27:17 EDT 2006

> Yeah, but what about that heater core?   ;-)

You put a new one in (preventative maintenance) while the dashboard is 
out to install your new engine managment system and DVD player.

>> > Doesn't the 80/90 have a different quattro version?  Non-manually
>> > locking diffs or some such?
>> Correct, the center diff on the type 89 is an "automatic" torque sensing
>> unit.  The rear is manually lockable, and automatically unlocks at about
>> 15 mph (this feature is easy to disable).
>> >> Lots of people do the swap, head over to motorgeeks.com and start
>> >> your education.  The trans will take it, and the 10VT motor is good
>> >> for 300 HP with only minor bolt ins.
>> >> A better choice in my mind is the 80/90 chassis though.  A little
>> >> more room up front, more people seem to use this chassis than the
>> >> 4K.
>> Although a bit heavier, the 80/90 is really a much nicer car than the
>> 4k, to drive and to work in the engine bay (center support unbolts).

Huw Powell



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