4000Q questions

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Fri Aug 25 18:38:53 EDT 2006

> a buddy of mine had an 86 4000Q with a 10VT in
> it .... so, questions:

> 2. will the 200TQA gearbox bolt in to the 4KQ? 
> or is it even necessary?  the strength of the
> gearbox in the 200 is legendary, so that's why
> i'm asking.  if the 4KQs gearbox is made of
> putty, i don't want it.

They are made of kryptonite.  So is the rest of the drivetrain.  The 
weak link, it seems, is the clutch - at around 400 hp or so it starts 

> 3. is the swap of the 10VT into the 4KQ
> straightforward?  (picture putting a 16V engine
> into a rabbit.  it's pretty much a direct bolt
> in)

The engine will bolt right in - mounts and transmission hook up are the 
same.  I believe the port side tie rod has to be bent or replaced with 
the UrQ unit due to interference with the exhaust bits.

What won't "bolt right up" will be the exhaust system, engine 
management, and any oil cooling/intercooling doohickeys you want to use.

People have run them with the stock CIS-E, but you're pushing your luck, 
and, you are going to want to up the boost once you have boost.

The stock system from the donor vehicle will get you quite a way, and 
comes free with the donor car, but is a complicated pain to remove and 


So, depending on your budget timing, you might want to go to a stand 
alone EFI/ignition system fright from the start.  At this late date 
(people have been doing these swaps for well over a decade) you have the 
advantage of a deep resource of btdt experience, *and* far more options 
to throw money at that make your resulting car better and easier to work 

If you actually enjoy working on major systems over and over again, you 
can spread the spending out by upgrading and replacing systems over time 
as you investigate and can afford them.  If you want a basically 
"turnkey" car that you can enjoy the heck out of without always thinking 
of things to add (yeah, right), you spend more up front and go with the 
proven goodies from the start.

Huw Powell



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