Does the 10vT exaust stud hell apply to non-t as well?

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> Subject: Does the 10vT exaust stud hell apply to non-t as well?
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> The title says it really.
> I'm thinking about swapping the rusted out nasty sounding exhaust on my red 5k no-T with the perfectly good system from my parts no-T. I need to do the downpipe as well as the exhaust because the cat is missing and there is pipe welded in it's place (not bolted). Since I'm going that far into it I was going to replace the EM gaskets because I suspect a minor leak. Can I expect to break studs like the turbo cars do, or should I be ok if I apply PB Blaster liberally?
> -Cody Forbes


If the 5K no-T "donor" is the silver car you got from me, you are in for 
an easy time.

The muffler is from a 1990 100, and is stainless. When I installed it, I 
used some anti-seize on the connection, so it should slide right off.

The down pipe was disconnected from the exhaust manifold when I did the 
engine swap when I originally got the car, so the EM stud nuts there 
shouldn't be too rusted. The EM itself has not been off the head since 
probably 1986, so you are on your own there - if the red car's EM isn't 
cracked and isn't "puffing" (the gaskets are OK), then I'd suggest 
leaving it on the engine and just doing down-pipe back.

There's also an already-removed 10V exhaust manifold in the parts pile, 
so you might check it for true or even have it surfaced, replace the 
studs with stainless, and use it instead of what's on the cars now. I 
think there was even a brand new EM to down-pipe gasket in there 
somewhere (I try to take good care of my friends!).

I would think about a new oxygen sensor, though. I can't recall if I 
changed that or not.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman
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