Does the 10vT exaust stud hell apply to non-t as well?

Huw Powell audi at
Mon Aug 28 18:50:55 EDT 2006

> I'm thinking about swapping the rusted out nasty sounding exhaust on
> my red 5k no-T with the perfectly good system from my parts no-T. I
> need to do the downpipe as well as the exhaust because the cat is
> missing and there is pipe welded in it's place (not bolted). Since
> I'm going that far into it I was going to replace the EM gaskets
> because I suspect a minor leak. Can I expect to break studs like the
> turbo cars do, or should I be ok if I apply PB Blaster liberally?

Do everything you can, but plan for the worst (Murphy was an optimist). 
  Consider yourself very lucky if you can get all 10 nuts off and leave 
reusable studs, or remove any/all studs to replace them.

I'd make sure you have a leak there before opening it up (per your 
buddy's advice).

If you do have to start taking the manifold off the head, it might be 
worth the trouble to pull the head and do it at a convenient angle under 
good light.

Huw Powell

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