URQ Seat orientation & interchangability

DGraber460 at aol.com DGraber460 at aol.com
Mon Aug 28 22:54:57 EDT 2006

I have 2 "sport" seats from my wrecked 83 URQ (#610) that had the late  model 
ball joints, under hood fuse box etc. They have the fore/aft adjuster  lever 
on the outside (door side) of the seat bottom. My current car (#472)  with 
early ball joints and under dash fuse box has non sport seats and adjusters  on 
the console side of the seat bottom.
I want to swap the seats but cannot see any way to "convert" the outer  lever 
to fit. The floor mounted guide is welded to the car and is also side  
Switching bottoms and backs also won't work due to the seat belt  location, 
and the bottom cushion tilt adjust lever for the driver  seat. 
Any ideas?

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