Engine Noise (( have you ever heared of rod or journal bearing failures on a 10v I5 that is stock))

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>>>Excellent point. But, I have to ask, have you ever heared of rod or 
>>>journal bearing failures on a 10v I5 that is stock and not very 
>>>severely abused (like run with no oil or overrevved)? From my 
>>>experience, even poorly maintained and run hard I5s just 
>laugh at you and beg for more.
>My '83 5kt once required a new rod bearing.  Very unusual for 
>the I5, though, I agree.
>> I ran "Bad Puppy" out of oil (or rather, it spit out the oil on its 
>> own) on 2 or 3 occasions. It made some noise with no oil, but once I 
>> fixed the oil cooler hoses and put oil back in, all was 
>quiet again.  
>> Yes, you have to work hard to kill them.
>Yeah, when we drained the oil out of a 4kq once and put a 
>brick on the accelerator it took like 15 minutes or more to 
>get it to slow down and die.  We didn't try letting it cool 
>off to see if it was still ok, guess we should have...
>Huw Powell

Yes, my 5KT did at about 65 MPH going South on I81 in Virginia.  Not many
indications of problems although oil temp was a little high but I had just
climbed one of the longest hills in the East. A rod bearing let loose due to
oil starvation.  Rebuild found some foreign material in the oil temperature
thermostat that caused lower pressure at the rod bearing that failed.  A
previous monkey lad used silicone plastic to try to cure what he thought was
a head gasket leak that was really a head crack;  it's a very long horror

Car was towed on a flat bed to Alexandria where a shop there rebuilt it.  A
very long ride in the cab of a tow truck keeping the driver awake swapping
stories about what he could see from his cab when passing cars, etc.

Still have that car and engine, although I'm looking to replace it.


Jim Jordan

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