Issues with '00 Passat 4Motion-Drive Shaft

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Wed Aug 30 08:25:25 EDT 2006

Blau sells a kit for replacing the center bearing/support assembly on Audi

At 07:40 AM 8/30/2006 -0400, Wylie Bean wrote:
>I have a prop shaft sitting in the trunk of my 99.5 A4 Avant right now
>that I just got from DAD's Audi dismantling in CA.  My car was making
>a progressively worse vibration, mostly in 1st gear on anything other
>than light acceleration.  The rubber around the center support bearing
>is not torn, but upon very close inspection (on a lift, with a
>flashlight, with the heat shield off) you can see areas that the
>rubber must be weakened, as it looks as if the shaft ends are rubbing
>up against the outer edge of the support and the rubber itself.  I
>paid $375 for the one I got from them with a 90 day warranty, as
>opposed to ~$1200 for a new one.  They claim it came from a car with
>about 60K, so hopefully it'll be good.  My car has 110K on it. The
>parts should be similar, but I can't confirm them as being identical.
>The dealer could.
>Hope that helps.
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