Issues with '00 Passat 4Motion-Drive Shaft

Wylie Bean theringmeister at
Wed Aug 30 08:25:35 EDT 2006

depends on the car and VIN,
they don't sell a kit for the later cars based on their website and an
email inquiry, but claim to be able to rebuild it if you send it to
them.  Buying this used one seemed to be the simpler route, and Dad's
doesn't want a core back, nor is there a core charge.

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> Blau sells a kit for replacing the center bearing/support assembly
on Audi
> driveshafts.
> At 07:40 AM 8/30/2006 -0400, Wylie Bean wrote:
> >Steve,
> >I have a prop shaft sitting in the trunk of my 99.5 A4 Avant right
> >that I just got from DAD's Audi dismantling in CA.  My car was
> >a progressively worse vibration, mostly in 1st gear on anything
> >than light acceleration.  The rubber around the center support
> >is not torn, but upon very close inspection (on a lift, with a
> >flashlight, with the heat shield off) you can see areas that the
> >rubber must be weakened, as it looks as if the shaft ends are
> >up against the outer edge of the support and the rubber itself.  I
> >paid $375 for the one I got from them with a 90 day warranty, as
> >opposed to ~$1200 for a new one.  They claim it came from a car
> >about 60K, so hopefully it'll be good.  My car has 110K on it. The
> >parts should be similar, but I can't confirm them as being
> >The dealer could.
> >
> >Hope that helps.
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