Solvent for orange headliner foam?

E. Roy Wendell IV erwendell at
Wed Aug 30 19:10:28 EDT 2006

On Aug 30, 2006, at 4:07 AM, Tim Leonard wrote:

> You must remove the headliner backer to replace the fabric. When  
> it's out I use a pressure washer and it blows off easily and leaves  
> a good clean smooth surface free of any goo, to put the new fabric  
> back on.
> Tim

I was really hoping to pay someone to do a Michelangelo on the  
headliner by gluing new fabric on in place. Are you saying that's  
impossible or not advisable?

I'm two thirds of the way to removing the headliner backer already,  
having removed the A and B pillar trim, all the grab handles, the  
sunshades, and the sunroof trim. All that's left is the C pillar  
trim. What was stopping me was my failure to see a way of removing  
the glued in place backer without destroying it.

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