question - may have made a major boo boo...

Geraint Lloyd geraintlloyd_qc at
Thu Aug 31 09:14:16 EDT 2006

The A4 doesn't have the crappy countersunk cross head
screw to align the
disk and hub when the wheel bolts are out
It is made of soft cheese anyway, so it's a good job
they deleted it IMHO.
Instead you have the threaded plastic rod in the tool
kit to help you
align it all when replacing the wheel, otherwise the
disk just spins
freely on the hub when the wheel is off.
if the old screw was made of soft cheese, the rod is
made of yoghurt.

I would agree with Mr van Tol, that you just released
the rust bond
between the disk and the hub,
although i am a bit surprised that the disk on the
other side was rusted
on hard enough to let you undo the hub bolt.
put the wheel nuts in and have another go,
although next time, do the hub nut first, i.e:
1. put on overalls
2. say goodbye to the wife and kids.
3. go to garage.
4. remove hubcaps.
5. remove hub nuts

You may have unwittingly discovered a way of freeing
off the hubs and
disks for brake overhauls though.
all is not lost ;-)


Geraint Lloyd 
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Joshua van Tol wrote:
> I think you just broke the rust bond between the
rotor and the hub.  
> Put a few wheel bolts in and try again. If your
rotor has a small  
> screw holding it to the hub you probably sheared
that off, but that's  
> really only there as a convenience to keep the rotor
on the hub and  
> aligned until the wheel is on.
> So, unless there's something I don't know about the
A4, I'd say you  
> probably didn't break anything.
> On Aug 31, 2006, at 1:10 AM, thejimrose wrote:
>> is all i have to say. is dumb. so i was going about
the shock   spring
>> job on the a4, and forgot to crack the axle nuts
[cv boots while im in
>> there].
>> not thinking [ARGH!] i had a buddy step on the
brake to put resistance
>> on the axle so i could pop the nut. no.. i didnt
put the wheel bolts
>> back in [argh!]. pass side popped fine, but..
>> on the drivers side, there was resistance, until
something popped..
>> and then there was no resistance.axle bolt spins
the axle freely. if i
>> spin the axle by hand, the other side axle spins,
so they are still
>> connected. so what did i break?
>> probably something really expensive inside the
transmission / transfer
>> case, right?
>> boy i hope my suspiscion is worng..
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