question - may have made a major boo boo...

mike mikemk40 at
Thu Aug 31 10:03:59 EDT 2006

i wouldn't worry...without the wheel bolts in the
undoing forces all get transmitted by the little 6mm
disc to hub retaining screw (or by the retaining rust
if the screw is missing)

Put the wheel bolts back ing and try again


--- thejimrose <thejimrose at> wrote:

> is all i have to say. is dumb. so i was going about
> the shock + spring
> job on the a4, and forgot to crack the axle nuts [cv
> boots while im in
> there].
> not thinking [ARGH!] i had a buddy step on the brake
> to put resistance
> on the axle so i could pop the nut. no.. i didnt put
> the wheel bolts
> back in [argh!]. pass side popped fine, but..
> on the drivers side, there was resistance, until
> something popped..
> and then there was no resistance.axle bolt spins the
> axle freely. if i
> spin the axle by hand, the other side axle spins, so
> they are still
> connected. so what did i break?
> probably something really expensive inside the
> transmission / transfer
> case, right?
> boy i hope my suspiscion is worng..
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