84 4ksq Radiator Fan Question...How High?

George Butler george.butler2 at verizon.net
Sun Dec 3 12:07:58 EST 2006

Hello all,


I’m beginning to suspect that the radiator fan in my 84 4ksq is not going to
“kick-on” soon enough to avoid blowing the (upper) radiator hose.  All
connections to all fittings appear to be solid
and I even a have a few
relatively recent electrical components in the cooling system.  I’m losing
my nerve relative to sitting in the car watching the temperature gauge and
keeping my fingers crossed that the hose doesn’t blow.  I let the gauge go
at least ¾ of the way up.  Should I just stop whimping-out and let it
go?...or is there a quick way to by-pass the rest of the cooling circuit to
check the function of the radiator fan?  My knee-jerk solution is to simply
jumper one electrical cooling component at a time until I locate the
culprit/open.  Any thoughts or advice?  Thanks in advance for your input!




George B.


84 4ksq

88 5ksq

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