84 4ksq Radiator Fan Question...How High?

Kevin Hoff kwhoff at gmail.com
Wed Dec 6 22:29:01 EST 2006

> > FWIW, there is no purge valve on a 4KQ.
> There sometimes is.  At least on some aftermarket radiators, 
> there is a little vent bolt thing in the top of the radiator 
> that allows purging of air.

Really?  I've had two 4kq's and both have had a nice little brass purge bolt
on top of the radiator - the first one was back in the day and it was
definitely that way from the factory.  The one I have now also has a purge
bolt but the radiator is almost certainly not the original, being 20 years
old and all...

Speaking of cooling systems, where is the best place to find a quality
thermostat?  Mine is stuck open and I'd rather not have to go back in 9
months from now.  It seems people aren't too happy with the dealer part.

--Kevin H.

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