Anyone heard of "A Plus" or "A+" brand rotors?

Bart Oleksy barto at
Fri Dec 8 13:59:23 EST 2006

Grant Lenahan wrote:
> Never heard of them.
> But I dont really follow - you have a price for a brake job 
> (installed) and a cheaper price for mail-order parts.
> I'm obviously missing something.
Sorry - the price for the brake job installed wasn't for the A-Plus.   
Actually, come to think of it, I forgot to ask what brand he was quoting 
at that price...oops!

> You can get pretty good prices on Zimmerman and other OEM-quality 
> aftermarket rotors at lots of places such as ECS, GPR and others.
Thanks for the tip!


> Grant
> On Dec 8, 2006, at 1:22 PM, Bart Oleksy wrote:
>> My '98 A6 QW needs new pads & rotors on the front. I've been quoted $450
>> (CAD) installed, but found an eBay seller offering these rotors made by
>> A Plus/A+ for quite a bit less.
>> Do I need to run away from this screaming, or would it be worth
>> considering? Here's what the seller responded with when I asked about
>> this brand vs. Brembo/et al.
>> ---begin quote from seller
>> If you want a well known brand name, like Brembo or Zimmermann, that
>> rotors will cost over US$350. If you want I can check for you.
>> A Plus rotors are the same as other rotors brand (except Brembo or
>> Zimmermann) selling on Ebay, they made of castiron soft steel, S.A.E
>> G3000, as good as OEM rotors, even better.
>> The reason why Brembo and Zimmermann rotors are so expensive because
>> they are import from Italy and Germany (But many Brembo rotors are from
>> Mexico) and they are “well-known” brand.
>> ---end quote from seller
>> I don't need any high-performance equipment here, but would obviously
>> prefer to at least be "safe"! Any advice/suggestions 
>> appreciated...thanks!
>> Bart
>> '98 A6 QW
>> '97 A4 Q
>> '91 200TQ
>> '86 CGT

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