Anyone heard of "A Plus" or "A+" brand rotors?

Huw Powell audi at
Fri Dec 8 14:19:08 EST 2006

>>Never heard of them.
>>But I dont really follow - you have a price for a brake job 
>>(installed) and a cheaper price for mail-order parts.
>>I'm obviously missing something.
> Sorry - the price for the brake job installed wasn't for the A-Plus.   
> Actually, come to think of it, I forgot to ask what brand he was quoting 
> at that price...oops!

So not only do you need to know what part of the quote is the price of 
the rotors, but whether or not the shop will willingly use your sourced 
parts (giving up their small profit on the parts, and their ability to 
vouch for and warranty the parts themselves).  If not, you'll be 
shopping for parts and learning how to do it yourself.  In the cold...

Huw Powell

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