MC2 knock sensors

Huw Powell audi at
Sat Dec 9 14:07:12 EST 2006

> The family lists 2 KS's for the MC2, but does not tell me which is 
> which. both of mine have a brown rubber boot on the KS end and white 
> connectors (inc white plugs in the loom). Family album says that they
> should be brown or green (no mention of white).

> Since a KS is basically a microphone are the 2 KS's different parts
> with different thresholds / dynamic ranges or are they both the same
> and just at different locations (listening to different cylinders)?

It is my understanding (crosscheck this) that they are the same, and the
use of two allows the ECU to determine which cylinder is actually
knocking, so it can retard the timing on only that cylinder.

The two KS's are different, again I am not certain here, because the
wires aren't the same length.

Maybe someone who knows they have two correct parts can chime in and 
tell you what's on their car.

Huw Powell

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