Seat swap, type 44

Dave C dconner at
Sat Dec 9 19:20:36 EST 2006

I'm in the middle of swapping power seats from a 1991 100 into an 87
5ktq.  Basically
trying to do what the knowledgebase describes here...

The electrical plugs for the driver seats are different.  This is the plug
with the fat red,  brown and white wires.  These appear to be the main power
and ground wires, some of which feed the passenger seat.

The older car has a square plug with nine wires.... 4 brown, 4 red, 1 white

The newer car uses a brown plug with five wires... two brown, two red, one

Could someone advise me re: the simplest way to make the connection?  The KB
writeup is good but glosses over this part.  I'm afraid I'll screw it up or
at least make it more difficult than it needs to be.

I'm thinking of fabricating an adapter harness ... splicing an old style
square plug to a new style rectangular harness plug.  This would allow me to
connect the new seat to the old car without cutting the wires.  But I'm not
sure of my ability to match up the wires properly.   I think only one red
and one brown wire are feeding the passenger seat.  Does it matter which red
and brown wire feeds the passenger seat?

 Any advice would be much appreciated.

Dave C.

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