Closure on brake rotors/pads discussion

Bart Oleksy barto at
Tue Dec 12 15:28:28 EST 2006

A final update - I had convinced myself to go with the Altrom rotors and 
pads for my '98 A6 QW as an OEM-spec step up from the 'offshore' parts 
quoted by an Edmonton place (Wholesale Auto Parts)...when I went to pick 
them up, lo and behold but the rotors were BREMBO and pads were PBR!  So 
that was a pleasant surprise.  About half the price quoted by the two 
mechanic shops for the rotors, so that's good.  They're being put on now 
(Euro-Cana).  Thanks for the discussion and suggestions from everyone!

'98 A6 QW
'97 A4Q
'91 200 TQ
'86 CGT

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