Seat swap, type 44

Dave C dconner at
Wed Dec 13 09:38:54 EST 2006

Hi Cody,
Maybe it's me, but this sure seems complicated.  I had naively thought I'd
just plug the new seat in and go on my merry way :-(

I pulled the entire harness out of an old seat.  Swapping it over to the new
seat seems like a fiddly excercise the way everything is jammed up
underneath.   I think your  analogy with Humpty (all the kings men, etc ...
) is right on.  Plus I think it would be a useful harness for other future
seat swapping.  So I'm persevering to try and match up wires to create an
adapter harness by splicing the seat side wiring/plug from an old seat to
the chassis side wiring/plug from a newer seat.  This would alow me to plug
a new style seat into the older car without cutting any of the wiring.  This
too is turning out to be more difficult than I bargained for.  My wiring
diagram reading skills are not the best and this seem like it's well beyond
the beginner level.  Anyway, that's where I'm at ...   poring over diagrams,
sketching everything out, and checking it thrice I cut anything.  Still not
sure this is going to work.  I may end up trying your approach.

Jesper Mopreau makes it sound so easy in his KnowledgeBase write-up.  Maybe
once I get it all figured out I'll think it's simple too, but I'd be

Thanks for sharing your BTDT.
- -
David Conner

On 12/10/06, John Cody Forbes <cody at> wrote:
> Dave C wrote:
> > I'm in the middle of swapping power seats from a 1991 100 into an 87
> > 5ktq.  Basically
> > trying to do what the knowledgebase describes here...
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > The electrical plugs for the driver seats are different.  This is the
> > plug with the fat red,  brown and white wires.  These appear to be
> > the main power and ground wires, some of which feed the passenger
> > seat.
> I just did a seat swap for my car, and had the same issue. What I did was
> just swap the harness between the seats. It all matches up to the motors
> and
> such. On each motor one wire is soldered on, you'll have to cut and splice
> or de-solder and re-solder, plus one of the swicthes is soldered too and
> you
> can't pull it backwards through the hole, and the harness wont fit
> forwards
> through the hole so you'd have to cut the swicth wiring (or de-solder)
> then
> put humpty switchy back together again.
> The passenger seat of course requires no mods. The drivers is different
> because of the memory seat operating differently I believe.
> -Cody Forbes
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