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Thu Dec 14 12:34:03 EST 2006

Hi everyone...

Boy, it's been a long time since I have posted anything on here - i am sure some of you remember me...
1990 Indigo Blue V8 Quattro, Vin# 115, bought from Bruce (Audi Connection / now German Auto?) in 2002.

Yeah - anyway - since my last post - must have been over 3 years ago -  I got divorced (her choice, not mine!) and moved from Michigan to Oregon, for a very beautiful reason (5'2", very long blond hair, light blue eyes, 36C...), and was excited to find myself in the same state as Scott Mockry.

A couple of weeks ago I was trying to chase down a rough engine run (when it's cold it almost sounds and feels like it's missing 1 cylinder), and I pulled the TPS plug off - and of course the little wire retention clip went flying - down into the belly(pan) of the Beast (Baby), never to be seen again. So - I have 3questions:

1) Where might I find a replacement TPS plug retention clip / wire for the car? The plug is presently being semi-secured with a zip-tie that isn't rreally doing anything but barely supporting the plug (which doesn't seat itself all that tightly); and

2) I remember something about leaky injectors on these older models - any ideas on what might be causing the engine to "miss" when it's cold, at low RPMs? The problem ceases when I rev the engine, and returns when I let it off to idle again - and completely disappears as soon as the car has run for about 5 minutes.

Baby has 290,000 miles on her - same engine and drive-train. She went down to Bruce 2 winters ago for a TB and pump change, at which time I also purchased a rebuilt steering rack and a new bomb, but did not have the funds to have Bruce install them, after all the rest of the maintenance I had him do - $3,000 worth, including new shocks, new tires, new lower control arm and ball joint, and rear camber arm, and of course my pride - a beautiful set of Euros that Keith wired "the right way" - parking lamps INSIDE the lenses, 2 low beams - and 4 high beams - all wired through relays! It's DAYLIGHT when I power them up even in the darkest of nights - I can't recommend the Euros (and relaying) enough. Anyway:

3) at some point this spring I want to get the last bit of work done to her - the rack and the bomb - so I need to find a reputable (and knowledgeable on the v8's) shop somewhere in the PNW. I live in Roseburg, OR - midway between Eugene and Medford - 3 hours from Portland. Scott told me he thought the closest would be a guy in Portland, but if anyone has knowledge of someone closer (than 3 hours...) I will go check it out.

Also - y'all have a "go check out this car for sale" rescource in the PNW now - actually - in many locations, as I travel all over the western 1/2 of the country all the time. I found a job as a business consultant, and operate in the Mountain and Pacific time zones, and could at any given time be anywhere therewithin, just in case someone could use an extra set of eyeballs or something... The thing is - I rarely actually read the digests i get, so if you need me, use my Email address directly - audiv8q at

Wow - that was more than I thought i had to say when I started typing! Here's looking forward to getting back involved in the list after my long absence.

Michael L. Riebs

Cell: (616) 481-7237

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