I5 NA exhaust manifold gaskets -- which way?

Louis-Alain Richard laraa at sympatico.ca
Fri Dec 15 12:38:57 EST 2006

Stock I5 NA 2.2L exhaust manifold-to-cylinder head gaskets have metal on one
I am somewhat but not totally embarrassed to ask the following:

Which way does the metal face -- towards the cylinder head or towards the
manifold flange?

Huw's photos of the exhaust manifold gaskets in the documentary of Brendan's
engine rebuild are inconclusive, but his "Tips and Tricks" section says to face
the metal towards the cylinder head.  A web search yields results that go both

What's the operating logic for a one-metal-sided gasket?

Jan Pinkowish

Jan, while I don't want to say the opposite of Huw, my recollection is the metal
side goes to the exhaust manifold, where heat is higher. That's always what I've
done, maybe half a dozen time. And my brother, a pro engine rebuilder confirms.
He was hundreds of engine rebuilts under his belt...


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