How much is your Audi worth?

L DC ldc007usa at
Sat Dec 16 11:56:40 EST 2006

Neither of the 2 below cars for sale are mine nor I'm
associated with those selling them, but it did catch
my attention and thought of sharing with you.

There's a very nice little '83 Audi Coupe GT for sale
on E-Bay that apparently has caused a bidding war with
48 bids and still 4 1/2 days to go. With only 6687
miles on the speedo and climate control garaged, the
car is said to be mint!!

Current bid $7099.

By contrast, another very nice Audi, '91 20VT turbo
with big Porsche calipers and slotted rottors and euro
headlight, has gotten only 5 bids at $3053.99 and 2
1/3 days left for bidding.

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