Which Air box ?

Bares, Vittorio Vittorio.Bares at nuance.com
Mon Dec 18 13:38:10 EST 2006

Hi All:


I'm a newbie to the list. I'm also fairly new to 5000 CIS turbo set ups.  

Bought a rally car - 4000 q w/5000 turbo conversion. I need to sort out the
entire intake system. 

My first step is to identify the proper air box for this setup. 

The car still has CIS on it and seems to have various bits from 5000's and
200 t's. 

Apparently the hose between the flapper valve and the turbo inlet (now
carrying a 34mm restrictor) tends to collapse and split. I'd like to
minimize the collapsing bit by allowing as much air as is required by the
flapper valve.


Thanks !


Vittorio -


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