ECU interference on door speaker

Huw Powell audi at
Mon Dec 18 18:07:59 EST 2006

> So, I finally got in there and checked out the alternator, and there
> it was: the suppression capacitor was cracked. I tried wiggling the
> connections a bit, and that made the noise go away...

Wow, I'm glad I mentioned that part offhandedly!  Also, thanks for
letting us know what it turned out to be.

> Looks like a dealer-only part. Nothing at the FLAPS or Worldpac. Can
> I just replace this with a good quality poly capacitor?

Probably, but considering that every "dead" old alternator out there has
one on it that is probably good, it ought to be easy to scrounge one up.
  I just looked in my box of spare alternator junk, and although I've
saved 7 voltage regs that need brushes, I only kept one spare
suppression cap.

So, go to any junkyard that has foreign cars (Bosch alternators all over
the place), or friend with a field full of dead rabbits, or try calling 
someone like Chris at Force Five to see if he'll sell you one.

Then again, maybe a new one is cheap at the dealer?

Huw Powell

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