'90 200T starting issues

Briand Parenteau bp at showmixevents.com
Wed Dec 20 16:27:53 EST 2006

Hello q-listers,

I'm looking for a little direction on this if you wouldn't mind.  I have
read thru a lot of archives and have tried a number of things, but am still
seeking a little more 1st hand knowledge.  I have confirmed that the CSV
does function during output tests, and I have good fuel pressure, and good
spark.  It looks like the CSV is not getting the voltage necessary or has an
open circuit to ground when attempting to start the car.  However during
running output tests with the ECM the CSV works fine.  This would lead me to
believe that the circuit is ok???  Thermo time switch is metioned quite a
bit in the archives, but a lot of folks claim that this is rarely the
problem.  I have 12volts at the thermo time switch with the ignition on.  I
read that the thermo time switch completes the CSV circuit via a ground when
cranking engine... This is where I'm getting confused...  Any advice would
be a great help.

Thank you,

Briand Parenteau
617 328-4467 office/fax
617 460-0128 cell

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