96 A6 ISV and idle issues

Eric Huppert dragracer at netstep.net
Thu Dec 21 08:30:16 EST 2006


Having idle issue with 96 A6 Avant Q.

Symptoms/work already done:

Car idles fine when cold. Idle drops to where it should... But upon hot
start idle surges, sometimes worse than others. Doesn't stall, but
fluctuates.... Problem is worse with load, i.e.. heat/fans running, etc,

When I was checking car prior to purchase used VAGCOM to check into lit CEL.
Had the EGR low flow code! Cleared code and drove apx 100 miles before
beginning numerous other (besides idle) mechanical repairs. Have used VAGCOM
since, no other codes present... Car is not presently on the road, so no
further extended test drives...

Cleaned EGR passage (was plugged!) Pulling vacuum on valve while car running
changes idle, so passage clear now. BTW, was easier (access) to disconnect
EGR line on exhaust manifold than undoing top fittings!

Repaired cracked right side breather hose, checked vac lines, etc, etc...
All seems good.

Pulled ISV and cleaned. Getting 8.3 ohms resistance on valve, so tests okay.
I'm a type 44 guy, so not too familiar with the workings of this model and
don't have one to compare to. Does the entire metal cylinder move, or just
the internal mechanism? Internal piece moves, but metal cyl isn't budging.
Pryed etc gently, but not moving... Should it???

Cleaned ISV elec connection

Pulled plugs, cleaned holes, checked continuity of wires and cleaned all
connections. Plugs looked a little carboned up, as in rich...

Thoughts, ideas, BTDT?

Cheers, Eric

PS: Apologize for the cross post, but realize there's a lot more viewers on
the Quattro side that might not look at the V6 as much!

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