'90 200T starting issues

Scott Phillips Scottp at ippe.com
Thu Dec 21 09:48:47 EST 2006

Cold Start and Hot start issues might also be a fuel accumulator / Fuel
Pump Issue, letting the system bleed down (pressure) causing your no
start issue. Also, the fuel distributor, if you remove the top plate
there, make sure that its moving freely.



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Sorry for not giving greater detail.  The problem is at cold start and
start.  I can get the car started with ether.  It has a stock ECU and I
a spare that I swapped in and out, problem persists.  Thermotime switch
exist, shown in the bentley manual, and I've identified it's location on
vehicle.  If I get it running, and turn it off it'll restart
but after 10 minutes of sitting, no start.  I pulled out the CSV and
it fire while conducting output test on ECU.  However on start up it
like an open circuit there, or perhaps a short to ground, gonna
this angle further tomorrow...  Plugs are dry.



On 12/20/06, Geraint Lloyd <geraintlloyd_qc at yahoo.ca> wrote:
> What is the car actually doing or not doing?
> is it hot start or cold start or both that is a
> problem.
> Stock or modded ECU?
> I have a BTDTASFTTCACOTI with an 89 MC2 200TQA cold
> start problem that
> turned out to be a dead ECU (or ECU component that I
> do not have the
> skills to trace, but did have a spare ECU)
> the CSV gets 12v all of the time and has the earth
> switched through the ECU
> when I had my drama the guys suggested a push button
> (on the earth) to
> fire the CSV.
> Are you sure that you have a Thermo Time switch?
> AFAIK (not very much sometimes) the MC2 / MAC 14 ECU
> doesn't have one
> Geraint
> BTDTASFTTCACOTI is BTDT Almost Set Fire To The Car And
> Claimed On The
> Insurance.
> Briand Parenteau wrote:
> > Hello q-listers,
> >
> > I'm looking for a little direction on this if you
> wouldn't mind.  I have
> > read thru a lot of archives and have tried a number
> of things, but am still
> > seeking a little more 1st hand knowledge.  I have
> confirmed that the CSV
> > does function during output tests, and I have good
> fuel pressure, and good
> > spark.  It looks like the CSV is not getting the
> voltage necessary or has an
> > open circuit to ground when attempting to start the
> car.  However during
> > running output tests with the ECM the CSV works
> fine.  This would lead me to
> > believe that the circuit is ok???  Thermo time
> switch is metioned quite a
> > bit in the archives, but a lot of folks claim that
> this is rarely the
> > problem.  I have 12volts at the thermo time switch
> with the ignition on.  I
> > read that the thermo time switch completes the CSV
> circuit via a ground when
> > cranking engine... This is where I'm getting
> confused...  Any advice would
> > be a great help.
> >
> > Thank you,
> >
> >
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