'90 200T starting issues

Geraint Lloyd geraintlloyd_qc at yahoo.ca
Thu Dec 21 10:47:27 EST 2006

Ok so hot and cold start.
Is this something that has come on since the summer.

with mine, the CSV was not firing at all, so the
problem got noticeably
worse as it got colder.
when I started playing with this in the summer and
autumn it was just a
cold start problem. then I fixed it :-)
I never had any problems with hot starting. The
problem was only
apparent for the 1st start of the day when the car was
stone cold.
what is the weather like where you are?

things that I might suggest you try.
Ohm test the 2 single pole temp sensors under /on the
coolant flange
between the hydraulic pump and the head near the 4 pin
brass rad fan
temp switch.
These are P/N 049 919 501
one is for the ECU and one is for the gauge. If there
is an ohm
difference try swapping the wires over.
the wrong value here could be confusing the ECU
regarding the engine
temperature and what it should be doing

Blink out the ECU codes on the Check Engine light.
you will need
something to kneel on
3 inch bit of wire
functioning CEL
the instructions on blinking out codes
the MAC 14 ECU

Just in case you haven't already found
www.sjmautotechnik.com have a
rummage around in there
it's excellent

next test (looks like you have done most of this
anyway) is for the CSV
with a test LED (I used a dash light bulb inserted
into the blue CSV
connector but this is not soooo clever since it may
damage the ECU). As
I said before, the CSV has a switched earth through
the ECU. It also
operates in pulses which makes it a hard to see on a
multimeter. there are also other components in the
ground side of the

I don't mean to bang on about the Thermo Time Switch,
but I amconvinced
that the MC2 200 doesn't have one.
My golf 2 GTI (my 4th K-jet GTI) definitely has a TTS
as did my 1975
2.0l Westfalia, but then it was 'special'.
have a look at this.
I'll check with my bentley this evening.
I was going to have a look yesterday, but went to
Louis-Alain's to help
him dismantle an '87 coupé (FWD- so it deserved to
die-HAHAHAHAHA!) and
sorry 'bout that.
BTW where is your TTS?

more questions for you:
how long are you cranking hot and cold before it fires
- is there a
have you changed the rotor arm and cap recently?
is the connector to you hall sender on/in the the
dizzy 'floating about'?
have you replaced the fuel filter recently?
when you say fuel pressure is good, what were the
values- specifically
residual pressure?
is the pump new or have you replaced the check valve?
have you got a fuel smell near the passenger side rear
door (leaking
fuel pressure accumulator)?

If the CSV fires during ECU output test cycle then you
have to assume
that the wiring is ok.
Check it with a test LED whilst cranking, but if that
works then I would
suggest looking at the pressures again and running an
extended residual
pressure test.

You were right to ask the list though. there is plenty
of BTDT to get
you rollin' again


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