91 200 20v Avant or B5 1.8T Avant?

Adam A. Luy Adam at RoutersInc.com
Thu Dec 21 16:32:28 EST 2006

Howdy All,

So I plan on dropping some dough on a couple of 'new' Audis in the coming months. I have two 5k Avants right now, but have always wanted a 200 20v version. So today I decide to look around and end up looking on eBay and see some B5 1.8TQ Avants. The bigger size is a plus for me on the 200, but was thinking I might get better reliability out of the newer B5 (like that has ever mattered to me before.)

Just wanted to throw it out there and see what all y'all had to say about it. Oh yeah, and no matter which I choose they are getting the horsepower treatment bigtime.

Happy Holidays,


Adam A. Luy
Layer 7 Labs, Inc.
Scottsdale, AZ

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