[V8] Jingle Bells

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Thu Dec 21 22:01:00 EST 2006

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Happy driving and drifting,  Ed!



On Dec 21, 2006, at 12:23 PM, Ed Kellock  wrote:

> Blasting through the snow
> In a two-hundred-forty  horse Audi
> Through the drifts we go
> Laughing all the  way!

Don't be too jealous.
We spent the better part of 4 hours digging out the drive way. The street  is 
still impassible. 3 tall clearance SUV's still getting stuck.
When my wife got home Wed PM she was plowing snow all the way up the  street, 
and is now a walking commercial for Quattro. She went through stuff all  the 
other 4x4's could not. Since then we got another 20" 
Total accumulation around 32".


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